From Robin Hood to Hunger Games, one thing these Hollywood megastars have shown us that shooting a bow and arrow can be very cool. In an indoor Beach in Richmond, archery is being taken to the next level. There are moving targets running, ducking and aiming. If you are seeking fun, an adrenaline rush and a bit of a workout then Archery Tag is for you. Archery tag is the name of the game. Archery tag is where archery meets dodgeball and paintball. By paintball, Archery tag carries the same concept of trying to shoot the opposing player but instead of using a paintball gun you use a bow and arrow. Don’t worry about the arrow as they are foam tipped. Therefore it does not even hurt like paintball when you get hit.
The best tip for archery tag: Know how to shoot properly with a bow. If you are right handed, hold the bow in your left arm, middle and ring finger below and have your knuckles pointed up; hold the arrow on a slight angle pull back with the elbow straight back and fire. technique Remember the arrows do not hurt. The only protective wear that is needed for the game is for the face. Once suited up with bow and arrow in hand it is time to enter the field. Teams are chosen and a strategy is discussed. There are three ways to win: eliminate all opposing players; knock down all the foam targets or have the most remaining targets at the end of each round… Sounds simple right?
However, once you hit the field and the adrenaline kicks in, it is easy to forget the strategy and take cover behind once of the pillars used in the game to obstruct the shooters. The other way to play is to have a “free for all” match with no teams and no safety zones. Just aim and shoot. After an hour of play it is surprising to realize that you were having fun with the added bonus of getting a great workout. Archery Tag is for everyone and no experience is required to play it.

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