You are about to become a member of a new fast pace sport called Archery Tag. The name speaks for itself with Archery and Tag coming together. Instead of tagging a person with your hand you shoot a foamed tipped arrow through the air to hit them. It is a great sport for persons seeking to get a thrill but doing it in a safe environment.
Archery Tag is only a few years old but it is spreading quickly worldwide. The sport is now in almost 30 countries including South Africa, Australia and Greece. The great thing is that it is a sport for all ages and a great activity for the entire family. Archery Tag is suited for everyone. It brings together people from all socio-economic backgrounds and of all shapes and sizes.
Archery tag combines various elements of other games such as dodgeball, laser tag and paint ball. While the risk of being injured during the sport is virtually nil there is still the adrenaline rush of trying to avoid being hit be an arrow. Persons are attracted to the sport because it is exciting and painless. This solves two reasons people may be unwilling to try paint ball or laser tag since paintball can hurt (even if just a bit) and laser tag has no physical interaction.
Archery Tag also gives a great way to get people moving. Can it get any better than working up a sweat while “shooting” your friends? Most people after playing the game are surprised of the muscle workout and increased heart rate after playing the game. The great thing is that you feel great after playing and more often than not want to play more. It is also a great way to get children outside and moving as Archery Tag is fun way to get active.
Archery Tag is also a great way to team building activity. Since the sport is played in teams, players must cooperation through communication and team work to be the win the game. There are also different ways to play the game to challenge players to become more self-confident and to improve communication and build teamwork skills. It is a great activity for corporations, friends, colleagues and relatives.